Coneygar Marine, shipyard repair services.

Preparation of shipyard repair specifications.

Shipyard consulting services

Shipyard Repair

We are able to provide support to a client in the many areas of expertise required during the preparation and execution of shipyard repairs, planned periodical or unplanned.

Areas that our services can be offered:

  • Preparation of the shipyard repair specification. This may be produced either with Refman (produced by Minitech Systems), word, excel or other programme utilised by the client

  • Bid tendering and evaluation process to assist with the selection of the most suitable shipyard

  • Throughout the repair period an on-site consultant maintaining a close scrutiny of the repair progress and cost due to any modifications of the initial workscope. Utilising either unit-rate or pro-rata from the current repair specification

  • Final shipyard bill negotiation

Contact Details:
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