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Coneygar Maritime and Offshore Services Limited is a privately-owned marine consultancy company registered in the UK and based in Southern England. It was founded in 2004 with a purpose of providing, project assistance, support and services to clients both in the Maritime Shipping and Offshore sectors of industry, on a worldwide basis.

Projects to date include:

  • Prepared competency assurance packages for an offshore facility (Oil major)
  • Reviewed and updated operating and maintenance procedures of an offshore facility (Oil major)
  • Reviewed and updated P&ID's of an existing offshore facility
  • Prepared a competence database for operators at a platform in Nigeria (Oil major)
  • Prepared a competence database for offshore personnel at an offshore facility in Nigeria (Oil major)
  • Prepared a competence database for marine positions and shore-based office positions for a smaller oil company located in the middle-east
  • Prepared a marine competence database for marine positions of a newbuild FPSO (Oil major)
  • Reviewed Terminal Operating and Terminal Information Manuals (Oil major)
  • Reviewed and updated integrity critical procedure competency assessment packages (Oil major)
  • Developed and prepared operating procedures for floating hose test equipment. (Floating hose consulting company)
  • Prepared a marine competency database for marine consultants in FPSO/FSO and marine disciplines (Oil major)
  • Reviewed and updated metering system procedures and authoring of associated competency assurance packages (Oil major)
  • Assessment of offshore personnel for their competency in marine operations (Oil major service company)
  • Authored and prepared training task books for a Measurement Technician as part of the nationalization program (Oil major)
  • Reviewed and updated training task books both for both onshore and offshore personnel (Oil major)
  • Developed and authored marine competence models for FPSO marine personnel (Oil major)
  • Authored operating and maintenance competency assurance packages (Oil major)
  • Review and authored marine operating and maintenance procedures for an offshore facility (Oil major)
  • Assessment of marine personnel for competence as part of the company's nationalization process (Oil major)
  • Authored trainee nationalization task books and lectured specific marine and crude oil operations at an offshore facility (Oil major)
  • Redlined and updated P&ID's on an offshore conversion project (Oil major)
  • Authored training documents and provided operations training for a Nigerian offshore project (Oil major)
  • Authored marine operating procedures and the marine safety handbook for the Chad / Cameroon pipeline project (Oil major)

Contact Details:
Telephone: +44 (0)1308 456716
Fax: +44 (0)1308 426485