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Competency Assurance

Competency Assurance Systems have become widespread within the offshore industry and are now utilised to the point where very few companies operate without some form of standard by which to measure the competency of their work force.

It is a system to ensure that employees have the necessary knowledge and skills (competencies) to operate and maintain facilities in a safe and effective manner.

For almost a decade Coneygar Maritime & Offshore Services have been involved in the authoring and preparation of various competency assurance models and competency assessment of personnel for a number of oil majors and independents.

We are able to provide the following services in the competency assurance area:

  • Authoring of competency assurance assessment packages for site specific facilities
  • Authoring of competency models
  • Assist with the facility specific task analysis and identify procedures and work requirements that require competency assessments
  • Assist with the identification of competency levels required for each job position
  • Prepare competency road maps for each job position
  • Perform competency assessment of personnel

These competency packages and models can be offered in two formats:

Microsoft Office Format
The Microsoft office format can be utilised locally at the facility on any computer operating Microsoft Office by the appropriate department and personnel within the company.

Web Based Format
We have teamed up with another competency model and training provider and are now able to offer these competency data bases on a web-based system using the well tested Sentrico™ system.

Training for Nationalisation

Closely linked with Competency Assurance is the need for training programmes to assist in nationalisation of new offshore project facilities.

We are able to offer assistance with this task, to ensure that trainee technicians have attained a sufficient level of knowledge and skills to be assessed on topics within their competency roadmap.

This training includes the following:

  • Authoring of training and familiarisation manuals
  • Authoring of site specific task books
  • Authoring and lecturing of specific training modules
  • Organising of non-procedural competency training at industry recognised training schools

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